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Michele Burgess:
Michele Burgess's personal Web site. She is also a painter and a sculptor.

Martha Serpas:
Martha Serpas (The Diener) is the author of two more collections of poetry, Côte Blanche and The Dirty Side of the Storm.

James Renner:
James Renner's personal Web site. He is also a painter, a drawer, and a sculptor.

Matthew J. Burgess:
Matthew J. Burgess teaches creative writing and composition at Brooklyn College, and he is also a poet-in-residence in NYC elementary schools with Teachers & Writers Collaborative.

Jenny Yoshida Park:
Jenny Yoshida Park's personal Web site. She does custom hand work and bookbinding.

Jinane Abbadi:

Miya Hannan:

Chard deNiord:

The University of Alabama:
School of Library and Information Science